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Plant Beeding & Genetics Quiz 4

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Chromosome constitution differing from the usual diploid constitution by loss or duplication of chromosomes or chromosomal segments is called as

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A group of plants produced from a single plant through asexual reproduction is known as

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The putative parent of cultivated Ragi is

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Bajra Napier hybrid is a

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The situation in which two different alleles for a trait are expressed unblended in the phenotype of heterozygous individuals is called as

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Removal of male flowers from the female parent in maize is commonly known as

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Law of heredity was given by

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The loss in vigour and productivity of! clones with time is known as

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The synthetic textile fibre derived from the protein of peanut is

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The selection process for balanced combination of genes in an individual or selection process for harmoniously interacting individuals in a population is termed as


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Successful inter racial cross made in rice is

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The source of D genome in wheat is

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A. hypogaea subsp. hypogaea var. hypogaea is

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The source of cytoplasm which induce stable male sterility in cotton is/are

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The ability of a genotype to produce a relatively narrow range of phenotypes in different environments is known as

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The ratio of genotypic covariance to the phenotypic covariance and measures the inheritance of two characters simultaneously is called as

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QPM was discovered by

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Cross pollination in sunflower is due

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Darkening of urine and arthtiris due to loss of homogentisic acid oxidase enzyme activity in human beings are the symptoms of the disease is called


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The study of differences and similarities in genome structure and organization of different organisms is called

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