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Plant Breeding & Genetics 5

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The change in the expression of a gene in certain specific environments to such an extent that the resulting phenotype is the same as that produced by another allele of the same gene is known as

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In 1910, the explanation for Sex Linked inheritance, Sex limited character, Sex linkage was given by

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In 1921, the terms Disomic, Monosomic, Tetrasomic, Trisomic was given by

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The phenomenon of unequal reciprocal translocation between two acrocentric chromosomes producing a dot or  microchromosome and a metacentric chromosome is called

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The heterosis estimated in relation to the best commercial variety of a crop, which is of commercial or practical value is known as

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In 1957, the terms recon, muton and cistron was given by

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Pustovoit method of reserve has been used to improving oil content in which of the following crop?

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The name of the first maize hybrid in India was

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In 1984, the Ideotype concept Brassica species was given by

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The phenomenon of a F1 hybrid being Identical to one of its parents for characters is termed as

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The removal of stamens or anthers are the killing of pollen grains of a flower without affecting in any way the female reproductive organs is known as

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Father of hybrid cotton

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Khesari contains a neurotoxin substance known as

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Ear to row selection is followed

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Maize belongs to the category

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The region where the two sister chromatids appear to be joined or held together during mitotic metaphase is known as

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Wheat multiline variety MLKS – 11 has which of the following component lines?

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The performance of an individual is estimated by the average performance of its progenies, which is termed as

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Sugarbeet originated in Mediterranean region belongs to

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The scientist, who was associated with the theory of inheritance of acquired characters is

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